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Turnips are a unique type of flora present in every Animal Crossing New Horizons. They can be bought from Daisy Mae every Sunday morning before 12 p.m. Unlike other items, the price of turnips fluctuates over time. Mae will have a random buying price each Sunday and over the week, the Nook nephews will buy them at different prices. These prices will differ each morning and afternoon. This trade is nicknamed the Stalk Market.


Turnips must be sold before Sunday, else they will rot and lose their value. Changing the game time or date will also cause spoiling, hence Mae warning that the turnips "are highly sensitive to time paradoxes". Rotten turnips will attract flies and ants, which you'll then be able to tick off your Animal Crossing: New Horizons bugs list. You can buy turnips in bunches of 10. Always note down or remember how much you bought your turnips from, as this will be key to the profit you'll be able to make during the week.

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turnips are only selling 70 at my island right now, but ill share them here when they are good :)
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I didn't check the price !
I will post it asap
Thanks for the thread 👍
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